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Trento Summer Festival 2022
Trento Summer Festival 2021
Trento New Year 2019
Trento Summer Festival 2018
Trento Summer Festival 2017
X Factor in Concerto
From the idea of Magnolia and EmmeDue Videoproduction, comes this great RAI-live event with all the X Factor finalists, that, in the magnificent setting of the Piazza Duomo in Trent, have turned the town into a huge container of lights, vibration, passions, young and old alike on the account of great music.
Trento New Year 2008
In the magical setting of Piazza Duomo, many seasons of an event awaited by all local people and tourists alike...
From Ivana Spagna to Juri from XFactor, from Formula 3 to Abba's Angels, an event that, for more than 4 hours, leading a crowded square of enthusiastic people towards the new year!
Trento Summer Festival
Created and organized together with Roland Barbacovi and Showtime, in just two years it has already become unmissable and unique in the big live events. In the first season (2012) the fun show of Ale&Franz and the great music with concerts by Joan Baez and Naomi; in the 2013 season, the big leap with 4 prestigious events .... from the world premiere of the first European Latin Son Randy Crawford to the Joe Sample Trio, from the opening of the summer tour of Marco Mengoni to the Grand Finale of Antonello Venditti; 2014: three major appointments with Afterhours in the first leg of their summer tour, Earth Wind & Fire feat Al Mckay - only concert in Italy - and last, but not least, with Fiorella Mannoia.

Note Italiane nel Mondo
The numbers speak for themselves: 13 editions, over 120 Big Hits in the Italian music, over 100,000 people in Piazza Duomo and Piazza Fiera in Trent, millions of radio listeners and TV viewers in Italy and in the world, more than 8 million views in the last FB edition only.